Whether you choose the Classic or one of our volumizing options the result will always look tasteful and natural. Every client's set of lash extensions is an individually chosen combination of length, curvature and thickness to assure comfort and safety. We take into account not only the client’s natural eyelashes but also the eye itself. Therefore, we can correct eye asymmetry.
We also specialize on the repair of incorrectly applied lash extensions.

These are the reasons we are blessed with the patronage of our satisfied customers.

All the products we use meet the guidelines of the European Union.

Classic - lash on lash (1:1)

duration 1h - 2h
The basic type of lash extension in which one artificial eyelash is applied to one natural eyelash. Depending on the condition of your natural eyelashes we use an artificial eyelash with thickness of 0.15 to 0.10 mm. The stylist is limited by the number of your natural eyelashes.

Cashmere (1:1)

duration 1h - 2h
Almost the same as the Classic. The difference is that Cashmere eyelashes are used. Cashmere eyelashes are 40% lighter therefor cause less strain on your natural eyelashes. Cashmere eyelashes are flat making the result more pronounced. Perfect for clients who are not looking for volume yet think that the Classic looks underwhelming.

Light Volume (2D - 3D)

Duration 1,5h - 2,5h
2 - 3 0.07 mm thick eyelashes are used to create a fan that is than applied to a single natural eyelash. Light Volume delivers the most natural look. Recommended for clients that are after the natural look or whose natural eyelashes are weak or thin. Causes the least strain on the natural eyelashes while delivering impressive volume.


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